Pool and Spa Interior Finishes
  • Premium White Plaster
  • Premium Colored Plaster
  • Spectra Colored Quartz
  • Pebble Systems
  • VGB Commercial Retrofits
  • Main Drains
  • SVRS Systems
  • Pool and Spa Plumbing

    Tile and Coping Replacement

    Deck Resurfacing and Installation

    New Pool and Spa Equipment

    Custom Water Features

    All Services Desert Springs Renovations Offer
    about us The Desert Springs Group is your one-stop shop for all things Las Vegas landscaping, swimming pools construction and renovation, Jacuzzis and hot tubs, and pretty much anything else to do with your home back and front yards or business outside property. The Desert Springs Group, made up of experts in several key outdoor areas, has been doing business in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Green Valley, and pretty much all of Southern Nevada since 1994. Click now to check out our flagship company, Desert Springs Landscaping, to view all of our landscape, swimming pools, and other services.
    In the first year of the Desert Springs Group, we built approximately 40 pools; by 1997 over 300, making us the 3rd largest pool builder in Nevada. In 2004 we became the largest and most respected pool builder in the State of Nevada, building over 900 swimming pools per year. Our commitment to providing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction at a fair and competitive price has earned us a reputation second to none. We are also one of the leading Las Vegas landscaping companies in Las Vegas. Basically, we are your one stop shop for pretty much all things front and back yard in Las Vegas. Call the Las Vegas landscaping experts now at 702.436.8080 or send the owner a personal email with a question or to request information at
    In addition we are official dealer of Marquis Spas and Jacuzzi products. Check out complete information about how the Desert Springs Group is the official dealer in Southern Nevada and Las Vegas for Jacuzzi and Marquis hot tubs and spas.
    From the homeowner desiring to create their own backyard paradise to the commercial property requiring a new installation or the rejuvenation of an existing pool or spa, Desert Springs Renovations does it all. Customers are now able to tour our new Design Center Showroom located at Valley View and Blue Diamond, featuring 4 full-size pools, Jacuzzi Brand Name Hot Tubs, Custom BBQ Islands, Landscaping Packages, Patio Covers and Fire Pits; all under one roof. Where else can you find a pool builder with 6 State Contractor Licenses!In 2006, Desert Springs Renovations, a division of The Desert Springs Group, recognized yet another niche in the industry. Numerous commercial properties as well as homeowners needed a reliable company to make their pools and spas look and perform like new again in a timely manner. Continuing in our commitment to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction and workmanship, we have met that need.

    Why choose the Desert Springs Group?

    Beautiful swimming pool renovated by Desert Springs RenovationsDesert Springs Renovations offers a number of quality services throughout Southern Nevada. We have grown a tremendous amount over that past two decades and continue to do so, not only as a company but community friend. Our experience and long list of satisfied customers allows you and your family peace of mind knowing the job will be done right the first time. Because of our high level of commitment and attention to detail we can guarantee consistency with every job. We have been the industry leader for over twenty years and continue to raise the bar on the definition of Pool Remodeling. So whether you're looking to renovate your backyard paradise or high-end commercial resort rest assured knowing we posses the experience to execute any and all your pool needs. We are now the exclusive dealer for Marquis Spas. For top of the line spas, Hot Tubs and spas and backyard BBQ Islands come by and visit our showroom.