J- 200 Series The J-200 Series was engineered and designed for superior hydrotherapeutic sessions. From the standard pillow headrest to the perfectly crafted full lounge seats, this hot tub provides an unparallel level of comfort. Stylish exterior designs, accessible hand controls and cup holders are all standard features with the J-200 Series. A highly efficient heater with a two-speed motor is sure to relieve all your body of its aches and pains on a moments notice.

The J-200 Series spa uses a highly innovative three-layer shell. This allows the spa to provide stand-alone strength and remarkable thermal retention. The Exclusive Trifusion System is built of three layers; acrylic, bonding and a rigidizing layer, making Hot Tub shells the toughest in the industry. With three layers and full-foam insulation it's no surprise this spa offers maximum heat retention. Do you prefer or equally enjoy your spa in the evening, if so you might want to take a look at additional lighting. Multi-colored warm lighting can be just the upgrade you were looking for. The 22 lights surrounding the hot tub (above and below the water) make spas that much more enticing. Not to mention an additional three lights behind the waterfall creates a very inviting accent.

Whether your relaxing or having guest music can always do the trick. That's why Hot Tub offers an optional stereo system with four marine-grade waterproof speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music anytime. Whether your listening to AM/FM radio or CD's this stereo system will provide you with the clarity your heart desires. Outside some of these major upgrades you may notice your spa is missing something and you're not quite sure what it is? Hot Tubs factory installs stainless steel jet faceplates to add the touch of beauty you've been looking for. Stainless steel faceplates combined with smooth vibrant lighting are sure to put off a euphoric vibe throughout your backyard.