J- 300 Series Lavish in so many ways this spa has every feature imaginable. From the cradling seats to the smooth hand and armrest, you can count on comfort every time you step foot in the J-300 Series. Features such as illuminated cup holders, all the way down to ergonomic air diverter handles, there's no question why Hot Tub is the leader in spa innovation.

Completely customize your hot tub experience like never before. Adjust the waterfall stream or hand chose the backlight color that fits you best. Notice the sleek new design in the curves and edges gives the waterfall a trendy and more relaxing fit. This series waterfall could easily do the trick on its own. Same goes for the LED lights, visually. Also included in the newly designed J-300 series are the lights. Introducing LED technology, Hot Tub lights now produce a brighter and more efficient light. Exterior to headrest, you can find the perfect light for your mood and comfort.

If you feel you need to go all out, we can assist you there as well.

Take your selection from matching bars to steps and cabinets. Your new spa can go with just about anything.

Provided we are Hot Tubs exclusive Las Vegas dealer allow us to help you in deciding which spa best suits your lifestyle. If you're having trouble deciding which hot tub is right for you and the web just isn't cutting it visit our showroom on blue diamond right off the 15.