J- 400 Series The J-400 series is Hot Tubs most sumptuous spa yet. Hot tubs are recognized for their sophisticated circulation systems and water purity, all the while requiring less maintenance. Pro Clear skimmers and filters give you peace of mind, knowing your water is always crystal clear and healthy.

The audio system is powered by JBL, with a built in hard drive allowing you to store a full 1GB of your favorite music. This system also comes with an iPod docking system and all the traditional features: CD's, AM/FM Radio and MP3 players. You couldnt ask for anything else in a stereo.

The lighting system is provided by Power Pro, illuminating the water and bubbles like never before. There's a slow rotating rainbow of lights that runs behind the waterfall displaying a unique accent. Underneath the water Hot Tubs logo puts off a subtle glow that shines off the polished surface giving a very visually stimulating environment.