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    Why we recommend you choose Desert Springs Renovations when considering Hot Tubs...
    For centuries, various cultures have pampered themselves with the soothing and healing effects of hydrotherapy. Hot Tubs... the name that for over 50 years has been the hot tub industry leader... offers a wide selection of hot tubs with superior features and quality... one to suit all your particular needs and budget.

    When considering a hot tub for the family there are several deciding factors that come into play. Here at Desert Springs Renovations we understand that comfort, relaxation, and healing are the apparent reasons you're looking for a hot tub in Las Vegas. I'd like you to consider our number one choose in hot tubs, the best in the business.....Hot Tubs! Hot Tubs has been producing top of the line hot tubs since the early 1940's. If you reside in the Las Vegas area and are interested in the purchase of a Hot Tub please feel free to contact us with any questions or visit our location at 8130 South Valley View Las Vegas, NV 89139.

    J-200 Series

    Why buy cheap - Hot Tubs are about personal preference and value, so buy a hot tub that truly meets all your needs. Desert Springs Renovations invites you to try the J -200 Series and find out for yourself what all the hypes about. Stylish as they are affordable, this Hot Tub is a must for you and the family.

    J-300 Series

    Portable spas now offered by the leader in spa and bath technology. From therapy seats to speakers for your iPod the J -300 series has it all. Experience the unique feeling of water flowing over your shoulders with Hot Tubs waterfall design. Visit our office for a "wet test" and let us answer any questions you may have before having a Hot Tub delivered to your house.

    J-400 Series

    Find out what spa designers and engineers consider ultimate luxury. In terms of innovation and features the J -400 is sure satisfy all your expectations. Three ADEX Awards for design and excellence - This series will change your idea of hydrotherapy and leave you wanting more every time. For the ultimate hot tub experience the J -400 stands in a class all of it's own.