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    Pool Remodeling Las Vegas

    Beautiful waterfall, after pool renovation Beautiful waterfall, after pool renovation Beautiful waterfall, after pool renovation Beautiful waterfall, after pool renovation Beautiful waterfall, after pool renovation Beautiful waterfall, after pool renovation Beautiful waterfall, after pool renovation
    Desert Springs Renovations specialize in both residential and commercial pool and spa renovation and remodeling. We can re-plaster your pool and spa or perform a complete and total transformation of your backyard. The possibilities truly are endless. What ever the scope of work may be, Desert Springs Renovations will provide you with the very highest of quality workmanship and customer service. There are a few steps we strongly suggest when considering any pool contractor to renovate or remodel your pool and spa. The first place to start is with the Nevada State Contractor's Board (NSCB). All contracts must be licensed, bonded and insured. The Contractors Board keep records of any complaints filed against any licensed contractor here in Nevada and have been established for your protection. Next I would check to see if the contractor is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I would then ask how long they have been in business, financial stability, what their payment schedule is, do they require money upfront to start work and do they have any before/after pictures of completed projects. References letters are great but anyone can type up a reference letter. A good before and after picture really shows the level of the company's workmanship and will give you an idea of what you can expect. Visit our Gallery to see just a few of our recently completed projects.

    Desert Springs Renovations does not have a single complaint with the Nevada State Contractor's Board and an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We do not collect money upfront to start the project and only collect money when the work has been performed and completed with total satisfaction from our customer.

    Re-Plastering Your Pool Step By Step

    1. Obtain any necessary permits that may be required.
    2. Take all necessary action to turn off all power to pool equipment, water features, lights and auto water fills.
    3. Drain pool in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
    4. If the existing tile is to remain, under cut below the waterline tile carefully with a diamond blade so the existing tile does not pop off.
    5. Perform a complete chip out the existing interior down to the bare gunite or shotecrete structure.
    6. Power-wash and clean the gunite or shotecrete structure to remove any leftover loose material.
    7. Install the new interior finish and replace all drain covers and return outlet fittings.
    8. Fill the pool and/or spa with water upon completing the installation of the new interior.
    9. Start up the pool and/or spa circulation system on completion of the project and balance the water chemistry.
    10. Perform a pool school with the homeowner on the operation of all pool equipment and maintenance of your pool water chemistry.